In the times of COVID-19, it’s only natural that people are stressed. Stress can lead us to make stupid decisions food-wise; medicating with junk food can lead to health complications, and it can give you more anxiety when you’re looking to help yourself. However, you don’t need to just live with the stress your entire life– there are numerous foods that you can eat to help your body handle stress and nourish it simultaneously. Below are some of the best foods to eat to help relieve stress and nourish your body


This Thanksgiving favorite is a great way to reduce your stress. The meat itself contains tryptophan, an amino acid whose job is to produce serotonin. The production of serotonin helps alleviate stress! You can make a good sandwich or add it to your salad to get it into your daily meals. 


If you’re looking for a good source of magnesium, look no further than Popeye’s favorite vegetable. Magnesium is known for being a mineral that can help induce a sense of calm in your body. Spinach itself is also a great source of fiber, which can raise your energy levels. This is a great substitution for lettuce in your salad or even a good inclusion in your scrambled eggs. 


There’s no end to the good things about salmon. One of the main reasons to love this fish is that it’s full of Omega 3 fatty acids that are essential to boosting your serotonin production. The Omega 3 fatty acids contain a docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), whose job is to help nourish your body and brain while working on lowering stress hormones. But that’s not all! Omega 3 can reduce inflammation and promote a healthy blood flow, both of which can be inhibited when stress overtakes the body. 


This breakfast essential is a staple for many people. Oatmeal includes complex carbohydrates that can help increase a body’s serotonin production. It also contains magnesium and potassium, which is incredibly important when lowering blood pressure. Making overnight oats or a bowl in the morning can help your stress levels stay low all day. 

Citrus fruits

Fruits such as oranges and grapefruits are a great source of vitamin C, which can help reduce your stress levels. Not only that, but citrus also contains powerful antioxidants that can help your immune system.