A healthy lifestyle is really just a set of habits that altogether promote wellness. Over time, you might have gotten out of the habit of taking care of yourself, but it is not hard to get back on track. Small changes add up to significant differences in how you feel each day, and adding these habits to your routine can slowly help you to increase your overall health and happiness.

Establish a Morning Health Routine
Your day begins as soon as you wake up, and you can set the stage for success by focusing on your mental and physical health within minutes of climbing out of bed. A morning routine could be as simple as studying affirmations or even stating them aloud as you look in the mirror while getting dressed. Or, you could create a ritual of drinking tea while writing in your daily battle plan journal. To enhance physical health, stretching along with deep breathing exercises are a personal favorite, as they get the blood flowing and streamline energy flows in our body. I always incorporate a healthy organic plant-based protein shake using the following ingredients: cashew (or almond or oat) milk, collagen peptides (Vital Proteins brand is excellent), whole ground flaxseed, a small handful of blueberries or strawberries, and cashew or almond butter. I also recommend a probiotic tablet with 5-10 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units, which indicates the number of viable cells)…but if you have stomach bloat, 50-100 Billion CFU’s would have a more significant impact (please consult your doctor or nutritionist). Lastly, drink water…again and again throughout the day. This last point can’t be stressed enough, and you should drink 2-3 gallons per day. I see a noticeable change when I forget this last one!

Spend More Time Outside
Spending time in nature has powerful effects for improving your physical and mental health. If possible, try to take a walk outside on your lunch break or as part of your morning routine. You can also choose to take a phone call outside at work. On the weekends, see if you can go for a hike in the wilderness. Breathing fresh air and gazing at the beauty of nature resets your mind after being indoors all day. Allow your bare feet to touch the natural ground, which has been proven to enhance energy flows in your body.

Keep Your Living Space Clean
A cluttered environment is stressful. Create a time in your day where you can spend several minutes tidying up your house. You’ll find that you save time on having to look for essential items as you get ready for your day. You’ll also stress less about being late for important events in your schedule.

Schedule Your Downtime
Many people complain that they don’t have time to relax and enjoy their hobbies. Yet, spending time doing things you enjoy is essential for your mental health, which is also a factor in your physical health. Consider setting aside an hour each night where you can read, spend time in your garden or just take a bubble bath. You’ll feel more refreshed and feel like those hours that you spend working are worth it.

As you implement these changes, remember that it takes time to establish a habit. If you happen to forget something one day, just remind yourself that you can start back up again tomorrow. Eventually, these good habits will be such a part of your routine that you won’t even think about all of the things you do that help you to be healthier.