With the stress of everyday life around us, we can sometimes feel like we’re grasping at straws for some semblance of happiness. As written in a Psychology Today article, here are some skills that you can keep in mind when living a happier life.

Live a Happy Life by Creating a Plan for Your Happiness
You may find that going about your day is difficult. You have too many things on your mind, and you find that that sort of freedom is hindering your ability to be happy. Why not try creating a happiness plan?

To create a happiness plan, follow these steps:

– State why you want a happy life
– Write down when you’ll build the necessary skills that lead to your happiness
– Decide what happiness skills are vital to build
– Decide in what order you’ll build the skills that lead to happiness
– Commit to the goal for a happier life
– Learn how you will build your happiness skills

Develop Yourself to Live a Happy Life
We often feel like we can’t do something. We feel like it’s impossible until we do it! Creating a happy life is the same. Believing in yourself is the biggest and the most challenging step, and the rest will follow through. When you build your development skills, this is something that’ll lead to a happier life.

Here’s how to build your personal development skills:
– Develop a mindset that amplifies your belief in yourself and your ability to create a happier lifestyle.
– Identify your values.
– Define your version of a happy life in your own words.
– Record your progress in your personal development.
– Get help in developing yourself towards building a happy life

Think Positive to Create a Happy Life
We all know an Eeyore– that person who will find the bad thing in every situation, no matter how happy it is. Maybe the Eeyore is you! And that’s not a bad thing. We can try our best to think more optimistic thoughts, reframe how we look at things to make upsetting situations more enjoyable. The ability to at least try to find a silver lining is key to a happier life.
Leading a happier lifestyle is definitely in our control, and once we harness the ability to change our life, we’ll feel better in no time.