If one good thing has come from the pandemic, it’s been the push to be who you truly are. Wanting to live the best lifestyle for you has become more popular throughout the 21st century. Coupling that with the Great Resignation, people are continuing to find power in searching for the best lifestyle to suit their needs. 


One great way you can go about changing your life is through a mentor. You can look for a mentor in a couple of different ways: you can choose to go out and find someone older and more experienced than you who’s living close to the same lifestyle that you would like to have, or you can find a mentor in each of the areas of life where you’d need help. Here are a few lifestyle mentors  that you should consider looking for. 

Spiritual mentor

Addressing your basic needs should be the bare minimum. This is why some people choose to have a spiritual mentor or counselor to help them. Take a moment to consider your set of beliefs at the core of your being. These people can help you figure out the answer to what drives you and what the center of your existence is. 

Financial mentor

Not everyone starts out being incredible with money, and it’s mainly because they didn’t have the right person teaching them how to manage their money. Financial issues have an extraordinary impact on your life. In the most extreme cases, the decisions that you make can either haunt you or help you for decades to come. If you’re the kind of person who has trouble with money, a mentor can help you prioritize your money and factor it into a healthy lifestyle. 

Relationship mentor

Relationships can be an incredibly unpredictable and challenging aspect of your life that you need to navigate. Sharing every aspect of your life with your partner can be incredibly rewarding, but also it can be a little overwhelming and stressful. If you haven’t worked past your struggles in your past relationships, a mentor can help you navigate how to maintain a healthy relationship. 

Workplace mentor

A good portion of your life is going to be spent at the workplace. In order to become successful in what you’re doing, especially since you’re going to be spending tens of thousands of hours on your passion, you may want to find a mentor that can help guide you. This person that you’re looking for should help you fine-tune your skills to help elevate your career. 


All in all, a mentor is someone who can help elevate your skills to the next level, as this person can help advance your skills to give you the best lifestyle possible. Be sure to ask meaningful questions so that your skills can continue to grow and change.