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About Michael Brian Cotter

Michael Brian Cotter is a proud graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Following graduation, he attended both the Airborne and Ranger Schools of the United States Army. He also served as a commissioned army officer for five years. Michael was extensively involved in varsity hockey while earning his bachelor’s degree in Engineering Mechanics, and he lettered in the sport for four years.

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Michael’s first job after graduating was as a team leader for a 15-person team of engineers and analysts at Lockheed Martin. He and his team maintained a global satellite network for picture intelligence gathering, which is crucial national defense asset.

In his role as an Executive Search Consultant, Michael was instrumental in the growth and stability of many leading IT firms in both public and private sectors. While at Morgan Samuels Company in Beverly Hills, California, Michael gained valuable insight into the ups and downs of the financial services and manufacturing industries. He also assisted his company in implementing process metrics to evaluate and benchmark their service delivery performances.

Michael was also responsible for planning, executing, and administering distributor sales for the anti-virus firm Panda Software’s US expansion, including working with resellers, fulfillment centers, and distribution teams, as the Director of the US sales arm. Michael assisted in doubling the company’s $3 million income stream, which is still thriving.

Michael next served for 2 years as the Director of Agency Services at Quadrant Information Services, providing services to independent P&C insurance agents, eventually expanding into General Agency. In 2007 he took on the role of VP of Business Development for Quatrro BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one of the pioneers for one-call-fix-all computer technical support made  affordable for home consumers and small businesses. QResolve covered the consumer side, and SPTDesk handled the business end of the product line.

Michael was the founding Chairman & CEO of Global Digital Concierge Pte Ltd for nearly a decade, where he oversaw market development and financial management. His outsourced operations team concentrated on offering 24-hour technical help to consumers and small companies.

Michael Brian Cotter’s current endeavor is being the Director of GIS Analytics, LLC, a position that he has held for over three years. Based in Glendale, California, GIS Analytics, LLC’s primary goal is to ensure that people everywhere have access to clean water. They’ve even patented a Deep Seated Water™ Technology, wherein they have the ability to analyze geologic, hydrologic, and atmospheric parameters to pinpoint precisely where Deep Seated Water would be. This information includes several different data points, such as geologic and airborne geophysical data collection, as well as observation on-site and data using numerous sets of ground instrumentation. Then, the company can use its technology to drill a well to access the water. There have been over 1,500 wells drilled using the Deep Seated Water™ Technology across Australia, America, Africa, and Asia.

After procuring the freshwater, GIS Analytics, LLC then works with the farmers around the area to help implement better water management strategies that will benefit them in the long run. These strategies range from soil remediation, proprietary soil monitoring, restoration, and even conditioning methods. The hope is that by using these strategies, farmers will make a good transition from using harmful chemicals in their farming to a more sustainable and regenerative practice in using these strategies. Michael Brian Cotter’s primary goal is to be able to ensure that people across the world, especially those in third world countries, have access to food security and safe water practices. 

Michael spends a lot of his leisure time researching wellness and living a healthy lifestyle. He follows a rigorous gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free diet, and he happily guides and motivates people around him. He also believes in leading by example, often going above and beyond the call of duty for his favorite causes. Michael is a self-avowed change agent who prefers to work for organizations that value human resource development. Follow michaelbriancotter.com and michaelbriancotter.org to learn more about Michael!