It’s not difficult to see that you’re a busy person. You have work, you may have school and your family, or you live alone, and you’re just working constantly. Unfortunately, healthy eating is one of the first things to go by the wayside when we’re busy. Fast food is regrettably a staple if you don’t have time, and unfortunately, it leads to eating unhealthily and even losing energy. Here are some ways to eat healthily as a busy person to combat that.

Make breakfast a priority

This is a necessity. Think of it like this: you always make sure to charge your phone, right? You can’t use your phone without some juice in it, and if you have less than 20%, you’re not going to get very far. Breakfast is the same thing. It gives your body the energy to hold you over to lunchtime. While you’re sleeping, your body has been fasting. Your body needs that boost from a healthy breakfast to get you going for the day. Prepare your food the night before, giving you ample time to eat even if you’re in a rush. For example, overnight oats can be made in a little Tupperware that you can eat on the go. 

Pre-portion snacks to avoid overeating

We’re all guilty of this. You open a bag of chips at your workstation, and by the end of the day, the bag is empty. Unfortunately, snacking on junk food is incredibly popular in today’s day and age. To combat this, take time in your free time to pre-portion healthy snacks. That way, it’s all there for you to pick up in your fridge or in your lunch box, so you’re not tempted to reach for the unhealthy snacks. If you find yourself wanting an unhealthy snack, pre-portion those as well. It’s better to have a healthy serving size of a yummy snack instead of the entire bag or box.

Drink water

This may seem obvious, but water is a necessity. If you’re living off of an IV drip of espresso or cold brew, you may find yourself energized, but at what cost? By drinking water regularly, you’re flushing any negative toxins that you may have out of your system. This isn’t to say that you have to cut coffee out of your life entirely. Drinking in moderation is an essential part of staying healthy. If you keep a water bottle near your desk and fill it up at least twice a day, it’s cheaper than buying yet another drink, more environmentally sustainable, and it’s relatively simple to prepare. 

Becoming a healthier person doesn’t have to be an overnight change. Gradual changes can help change your life for the better and ensure that you live a long healthy life.